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Manage and Optimize Management of Internal Standards and Documentation
Engineering Workbench (EWB)
Core Values

EWB Functions

Standards Search and Management Capabilities in Engineering Workbench (EWB)

  • Document Management

    Document Management

    Link to and integrate related documents

  • Project Management:

    Project Management:

    Share common standards with remote teams

  • Watch Lists & Automatic Monitoring

    Watch Lists & Automatic Monitoring

    Create shared lists to track project-specific documents, add items with a single click, and set alerts to be notified of standards changes

  • Personalization Tools

    Personalization Tools

    Create annotations; bookmark documents, pages, and passages for quick access; and create and manage project folders

  • Advanced Search/Research Tools

    Advanced Search/Research Tools

    Query builder with Boolean operators, grouping of terms, and order operations logic; optional Research Assistant discovers knowledge through textual or graphical exploration

  • Intelligent Search

    Intelligent Search

    Single search field automatically distinguishes between document number and keywords, with type-ahead and popular document suggestions

  • Reference Links

    Reference Links

    Securely retrieve external content referenced within internal documents and workflow processes

  • Adding Documents (additional fee)

    Adding Documents (additional fee)

    Request documents outside of your subscription to meet immediate workflow needs

  • My Publications

    My Publications

    Add document metadata (keywords, titles, URLs) to the index for future searches

  • Document Notes

    Document Notes

    Add notes to a document record with ability to keyword search all notes and filter documents by those with notes attached

  • Multi-language Interface and Search

    Multi-language Interface and Search

    Search in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

Ewb Features and Benifits

Ewb Features and Benifits

Standards, Codes and Specifications
Technical Reference
Patents and Applications
Advanced research, problem-solving and analytics

Benefits of a
Standards Subscription

Saves Time

Saves Time

  • Optimizes resource utilization and productivity by highlighting available content and eliminating unnecessary research
  • Convenient, central control of document access
  • Creates a unified environment of over 130 content sources eliminating the need to work and synchronize data across systems
  • No management of local hardware and clients
Saves Money

Saves Money

  • Subscription model provides for more predictable budgeting
  • Choice of content access is made by you, avoiding being locked into content silos or paying for content you don’t need
  • Reduces the technical expertise needed for basic data management and collection activities
  • Focus staff on making decisions, not on finding data
  • Substantial savings for multiple users over individual per-document purchases
Simpplife Acecess

Simpplife Acecess

  • Intuitive, user-friendly functionalit
  • Platform search, collaboration and alerting tools for the most effective/efficient use of your employee’s time
  • Automatic updates/revisions to content
  • Online Access to standards available worldwide, with offline access availability due to downloadable pdfs
  • Simultaneous access allowing multiple users to access standards at the same time
  • Dedicated support team