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Standards Access Simplified

Standards Access Simplified

A Standards Subscription from the IHS Markit provides an efficient, money-saving, multi-user
solution for accessing standards. By selecting content from multiple publishers, you build a unique subscription tailored to your business allowing you to only pay for the standards your company needs.

Standards Subscriptions that work for your business and your budget. We custom build a subscription pricing plan that fits your organization, based on:

The specific standard(s) or collection(s) of standards

The number of locations accessing the standards

The number of employees that need access

Members receive discounts on eligible standards

Benefits of a Standards Subscription

Save time and increase efficiency by accessing up-to-date standards from one centralized location that can <br> be easily viewed by multiple users, whether at one location or many.
Saves Time

Saves Time

  • Optimizes resource utilization and productivity by highlighting available content and eliminating unnecessary research
  • Convenient, central control of document access
  • Creates a unified environment of over 130 content sources eliminating the need to work and synchronize data across systems
  • No management of local hardware and clients
Saves Money

Saves Money

  • Subscription model provides for more predictable budgeting
  • Choice of content access is made by you, avoiding being locked into content silos or paying for content you don’t need
  • Reduces the technical expertise needed for basic data management and collection activities
  • Focus staff on making decisions, not on finding data
  • Substantial savings for multiple users over individual per-document purchases
Simpplife Acecess

Simpplife Acecess

  • Intuitive, user-friendly functionalit
  • Platform search, collaboration and alerting tools for the most effective/efficient use of your employee’s time
  • Automatic updates/revisions to content
  • Online Access to standards available worldwide, with offline access availability due to downloadable pdfs
  • Simultaneous access allowing multiple users to access standards at the same time
  • Dedicated support team

Find your Perfect Solution for Access to Standards

This comparison summarizes at a glance the various ways that you can obtain the standards you need:

Individual Standards


You Need

  • One or just a few licenses for each standard, one time download

You Get

  • Immediate access to PDF
  • Option to order hard copy
  • Automatic alerts for updates to standards
  • Access for one user per license
  • Download within some days from date of purchase

Over 1,500,000 standards for
individual sale

Standards Subscriptions


You Need

  • Easily managed, online access to standards, allowing quick collaboration and sharing by concurrent users

You Get

  • Multi-user access to your standards during the term of your subscription
  • Electronically delivered standards through Standards Connect or other partner platforms
  • A substantial savings versus accumulating costs on individual purchases
  • Automatic updates to subscribed standards at no additional cost and notifications to keep users informed

Over 1,500,000 active and historic standards from more than 150 publishers

Standards Packages


You Need

  • More than one standard for a specific industry to meet requirements, or implement a management system.

You Get

  • Access over 350 exclusive IHS Markit developed packages, preconfigured for your convenience, discounted to save you money
  • Immediate access to PDF
  • Access for one user per license
  • Download within seven (7) days from date of purchase

Over 350 standards packages to choose from

Main Standards Packages

IHS Markit has developed and compiled a comprehensive collection of standard packages to support your standard requirements. Our packages cover an array of content that includes quality management, risk management, road vehicles, machine safety, and much more. With over 350 packages to choose from, you are sure to find a collection to suit your standard needs.