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Engineering Workbench Research Assistant Artificial Intelligence to Discover Solutions

18 December 2019

Online Course

Please join us for this specialized training course on Research Assistant within Engineering Workbench.
1:00pm (New York)
Duration: 45 min

Engineering Workbench Research Assistant: Artificial Intelligence to Discover Solutions

Research Assistant is a powerful content analysis toolset that uses next-generation content analytics and search technology to semantically mine the curated content library in Engineering workbench. Acting as a virtual Subject Matter Expert, Research Assistant intelligently groups results into logical categories and presents answers that promote exploration on a subject.

This 45-minute intermediate training course will demonstrate how to:

  • Reduce research time and find better answers faster
  • Quickly get up to speed on a new topic, or brush up on a field of knowledge
  • Easily review knowledge or trends across different industries related to a search topic, surfacing new sources not thought of to review

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Expedite technical research and innovation with an advanced engineering intelligence solution

Engineering Workbench from IHS Markit offers the world's first and only Engineering Intelligence solution. Designed for the engineering and technical professional, no other platform provides single-point access to essential technical knowledge that resides both inside and outside the organization.

Engineering Workbench addresses this "information overload" challenge with a single intuitive interface that uses advanced knowledge discovery technologies to surface answers from a curated universe of technical knowledge.