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Reference Linking Solution

 Every organization has its own set of internal documents and systems that reference external content. These can be design standards, specifications, drawings, handbooks, procedures, and a host of other company/proprietary documents that reference external/industry standards, regulations and codes.

 Maintaining these links and cross-references can be a huge drain on resources and productivity, not to mention potential risks related to compliance and quality. How do you make sure each links to the correct industry standard or code? Are those industry standards/codes accessible, up-to-date, and copyright compliant? Is everyone in the organization working to the same, consistent set of documents?

The Reference Linking Solution from IHS Markit provides users with secured direct access to external standards, specifications and regulations from within their own documents and workflow processes. This solution allows users to work more efficiently by ensuring that the appropriate external documents are always available when they're needed and that all employees throughout an organization are using the correct version of a document.